Interview with successful Entrepreneur Linda Wilson

Sandra Belmont  Vancouver Sun   July 2023

Our interview took place on a stunning, spacious, well treed acreage boasting expansive, lush green lawns and delightfully placed, well kept gardens all bursting with color. On this beautiful property sits a large colonial style mansion complete with wraparound veranda where cozy sofas and conversation corners are strategically placed to sit and visit or  cocoon in a comfy rocker and just be.

Inside, the first thing I noticed was a spiral staircase with a wide banister winding its way up the two flights of stairs. Across the spacious and welcoming living room was a see-through fireplace into a stunning, state of the art, cheerful, pale yellow kitchen.  The delicious aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies caressed the entire room.

“Want a cookie?” a little girl  with gorgeous long black hair asked me.

“Love one!”  I said, and reached for the largest one with the most chocolate chips on it. Linda noticed and grinned  ” Nice to see there is still a child in you”  she said, we laughed.

We left the warmth of the kitchen and as I stepped off the  veranda  onto the cushion-like carpet of grass something caught my eye in the distance.   As we strolled along the wooded pathway it became clear.  There was a huge majestic looking tree that had to be 100 years old with a massively high swing and a young girl with shiny, long black hair was soaring like an eagle to the heavens. It was like slow motion watching her sweeping the sky going higher and higher as if catching her dreams then gently landing, planting her feet solidly on the ground. The moment she landed I caught her eye and the joy she radiated went straight to my heart.  It was the same little girl  who had offered me the cookie.

“That’s Ashley”  Linda said  “She’s the youngest one here and loves to bake.  The other girls adore her and she gets a lot of attention from all her ‘biggies’ as she calls them.”

I couldn’t help noticing how happy everybody was and there was always laughter  echoing from somewhere.  It really felt like a cheerful, family home and I wondered how this all came about.  I asked  Linda to tell me the story.

“When I was 10 years old I saw something that I never forgot. There was a man standing on the sidewalk begging for money. He was dressed in long beige pants that were torn and filthy. He had on layers of torn, worn out old sweaters and coats and wore running shoes with holes in the toes and no socks on his feet. Beside him stood a little girl about my age. She was also dressed in layers of dirty, torn old clothes. When we made eye contact that day I saw no hope in her eyes. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen and it ignited something in me that has been lit ever since. I had a dream since that day that I would somehow find a way to help girls like that.”

“This,” she said as she lovingly scanned the estate, “is my dream come true. We have 20 girls aged 12 to 17 who live and attend school here. As well as the 3 Rs we live and teach the principles of the Master Keys.  The  transformation not only in these girls but in all of us, has been miraculous.”

” It is beautifully apparent that love abounds here.  How fortunate for these lucky girls ! May I ask a question”?”  I asked

“Of course” Linda beamed.

“What are the Master Keys”?

“That is a question I would love to talk about another time” she said,  “but basically it is  a process  that retrains you  to consciously choose your thoughts and learn how to harness the power within.”  Aligning myself with this program is the best decision I have ever made in my life.”

I made a note to find out more about that.

I knew Linda was in the Relationship Marketing business and in the world of Relationship Marketing there are lots of ups and downs. A lot of people fall prey to the tough times but she seemed to have found a way to come out on top. I wondered how she became this balanced, motivated, successful entrepreneur.  This was her refreshing perspective.

“I never really subscribed to the idea that it had to be difficult and hard to create a thriving business” she replied,  “but it does takes a certain mind set and skill set to truly be successful at anything.   The problem is to know how to acquire these skills.  I have always been a seeker of knowledge and am very much into personal development stretching my limits and all that good stuff.  When the Master Keys course came into my life I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this unique perspective of  teaching was exactly what I was looking for.”

Linda continued.

“I believe that being happy and coming from a place of peace will  attract people of like mind who see the value in what you have to offer and want it. If I was unhappy the last thing I wanted to do was pick up the phone or go out and meet people. The more I pushed and tried to force myself to get out there the harder it got, so l  made a decision  that changed my life in all areas.”

And that was?

“It was during this time that the Master Keys course came into my life and my decision to commit 6 months of my time to this phenomenal work has lead me to a whole new perspective  of  how I view and act in my day to day life.     It keeps me on the ‘happy track” I call it.  I love what I do and I have a lot of fun doing it.  I think  people feel that and want to be a part of it.”

Linda continued.

” Make no mistake,  Relationship Marketing  is a ton of work but the doing of the work doesn’t have to be hard. It’s an attitude and it’s a choice.  To me it is such a glorious and empowering feeling knowing I am helping so many people reach their dreams!    One of the things I have learned is if you want to get more you have to give more.  The more you give the more you get.  I have found it to be true in every area of my life.”

“That certainly is apparent in your business life!” I said.

“Yes, and what a blessing it has been!  As you know this industry is all about relationship building and I am absolutely blown away with my life since joining Nerium.”

“How so?”

” When I first started with this company  I was extremely  impressed with so many things. The years and years of  experience of the stellar leadership, the absolute paradigm shift in how to do this business , the fact that they have been breaking records since they first opened are but a few.  Most importantly though for me were the core values of the company , the fact that they put personal development at the top of their list instantly spoke to me!!!  Their motto of ‘making people better ‘ was such a refreshing  focus.”

“I knew this was a perfect marriage for me and once I REALLY decided to go for it  I was absolutely blown away with what I was able to accomplish in a very short period of time!  I will never forget the day I walked out on that stage  to  receive my first  ‘ big cheque’.  I mean that literally as well as figuratively!  It was 5 feet long  and 3 feet wide! What a moment!  It was July 2018 and I was ecstatic to have my husband and kids all there  to share that  momentous occasion with me.  That heavenly feeling of peace of mind knowing for real that our family was set for life brought me to my knees with gratitude,  but it wasn’t just the money I was grateful for…it was what I could do with it. ”

When I started with this company I had  set a short term goal and a long term goal for myself and that day I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this was the vehicle that would soon allow me to fulfill both of those dreams.”

“Am I right in assuming this school was one of those dreams?”  I asked.

“Absolutely !”  she radiantly exclaimed.

“And what was the other?” I asked.

” My husband, Gary, and I had a  dream of taking all our kids and grand-kids on an amazing adventure to Africa and go on  Safari together.  That is why it was so awesome to have them all with me that day I received my first big cheque. It made that dream really come alive because the possibility that it actually could  come true was very real now”.

I had always  longed  to go on Safari and asked Linda to tell me about some of the highlights of that trip.

“That was the trip of a lifetime for us all . It was July  2019.  We stayed in several different  luxury eco-camps complete with swimming pool and air conditioning which was really nice but the magic happened out on Safari day after day.  Everyday we saw things not many people get a chance to witness first hand in the wild, baby elephant being born, lions mating, prides of lion in trees above us and all  around us sunning themselves not 10 feet away, hundreds of wildebeest on migration, giraffe drinking at a pond just a few feet away.  Just so many breathtaking moments and to see it all through the eyes of our grand-kids was something so special it is beyond words.  The moment that says it all though was witnessing the awe and wonder in the eyes of my grandson Parker when he saw his first wild  elephant about 40 feet from our truck.  They locked eyes and time stood still for us all…..just impeccable stillness … then it happened.   The young bull elephant flapped  his huge ears back and forth, threw his trunk up  and with a deafeningly  loud trumpet  started to charge our truck! .  We all thought we were about to be trampled!  Then he stopped about 10 feet away!  Time really did stand still … terrified doesn’t even come close to how we all felt!!  All except Parker that is.   Our guide then proceeded to tell us that it was a young bull doing a mock-charge to let us know we were not welcome  any longer.    Parker set that moment forever in our memories when he looked at me and said ” Wow, now THIS is what I calla Safari !  It’s WAY better than Disneyland!

“What an amazing story!  Parker sounds like a pretty adventurous lad. What’s next for you?” I asked.

” I am loving my life and the best part, the part that truly fills me up, is being able to help so many  people change their lives and reach THEIR goals and dreams. I delight in continuing to attract happy successful people to my wonderful team.  I absolutely love teaching, training and coaching.  What is so empowering for  me  is  how harmonious we have become.  We gather together and encourage, inspire and  motivate each other  to surpass our limits and soar to our dreams!

“I  have to say that through this vehicle I have met so many amazing people and the relationships we have developed are of the happiest, most sincere and extraordinary kind. I am blessed beyond measure.”

Our interview had come to an end and as we parted I asked Linda when we might meet again. She smiled and with a twinkle in her eye said  “lets DO IT NOW!”


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  1. So love your Press Release. You have inspired me to get mine completed and filled in with much more detail. I can see everything so clearly and cannot wait to get to visit you at the girls school/home.


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