This is our last week of our incredible Journey to the Center of our Soul. For me this has been the beginning of a massive unlayering of years and years and years of unconscious thinking, false beliefs, old habitual patterns of keeping myself stuck in the void.  Week by week layer by layer revealed more and more layers of questions, confusion,  fear and  frustration as I pushed on deeper and deeper .

I’m not sure exactly when I started realizing it but  the deeper I got I gradually stopped feeling heavy and confused and began feeling lighter and lighter.   Somewhere in the last 4 months or so  I began to understand that there is an untapped power in me and what was even more exciting was I was beginning to see how I could actually learn to access it.

Although this is the last official week of the course it us just the beginning, as Mark says, it is a commencement, launching us into our new beginning.  I have a long way to go but I really feel very secure with the tools I  have learned to use to keep unlayering and chipping away at the cement revealing my wings.  I’ve always had wings now I’m finally ready to fly.

in deepest Gratitude to Mark, Davene and the entire staff and class of 2015 from the depths of my soul I thank you


2 thoughts on “WEEK 24 READY TO FLY

  1. Linda I am so glad to be on this journey with you. As I did my silence this past week I remembered what you did reading Haanel. As I read Haanel during my sit, I thought about the power you must have gotten because of it. I will never stop reading Haanel. Thanks.


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