This week in our MKMMA journey we are being challenged to do a 48 hour marathon of silence. Our usual routine of meditating 15 to 30 minutes a day has become a welcomed habit for me now.  I find such peace in those moments and often great insights come of it.  I have enjoyed it immensly.

Why then, I wonder, do I feel rather hesitant to accept the challenge of a 48 hour period of being alone with myself and my thoughts.  I have heard it said that our true intrinsic power can only be found in the silence. That who I really am is found just on the other side of my self impossed veil of forgetfulness.  I have forgotten who I am and why I am  here.  I have forgotten the gifts I have to offer  and my unique way of being of service, I have lost my power.

Wise ones have told us true power is not in the things we possess.  Our true power is in every positive thought,every courageous act, every moment of awe and wonder, every random act of kindness, every gift of the heart, our prayers, a helping hand,  encouraging comment , a smile.

It is in facing fear, it is an elusive knowingness that lives just beyond our comfort zone.  I can feel my power in that empty space in moments of sadness or despair. At some level I know it exists but it is elusive …where is it?   Do I just need to step over the threshold of pretending not to know my own greatness.  Deep inside me I know I do not  have to cross a chasm or leap off a cliff into the abyss to find it.

I just have to take one small step through the gossimer veil and it is mine.

That step can only be taken in the silence.  It is a thought away.  Who will I find in the silence?



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