I am at a loss for words this week because there are so many things happening in my mind that there are no words for.  They are new awarenesses, feelings, ideas, pictures, thoughts, imaginings, awe, wonder, excitement, anticipation, lightness, confusion, hope, joy, peace, sadness, loss,  safe, unsafe, lost, found, whole, perfect, love, ecstacy, harmony, disharmony, questions, answers more questions  and on and on……I feel like I am growing and learning and changing and yet at the core I am still just me.  Maybe that is all I need to know I have always been  and always will be my unique self….the difference now is I am discovering the me inside the me I thought I was.  In this moment what I know for sure is  the more I shift the finer I become and this shifting is eternal.

I think I understand what Mark means when he says “Peace Be The Journey”

I am so grateful to be among such inspiring and amazing people on this Hero’s  Journey.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 21 SHIFT HAPPENS

  1. Your many emotions says it all Linda…how wonderful to be able to feel so much…the good, the not so good, and the many in between. The beauty of feeling is a treasure….whatever those feelings are to be.


  2. Totally sounds like you are doing some awesome work on yourself. Fantastic job and it was exciting to read about it and I sure related to all those feelings


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