These past few days in MKMMA we have been reading about the inner power that exists in us all and how important it is to recognize our power within and that the only way to recognize it is in the Silence.  To still the senses, relax the muscles, cultivate repose.and eventually you will feel that sense of power within and that this inner power that we all have lies dormant in us and is of no valule to us unless we can recognize it and use it. I have been diligently practising this for weeks but have not really felt anything very powerful inside.

We have learned  that recognizing that power is the secret of all inspiration and that by thinking we can we can become conscious of that power but it has to be correct scientific thinking.

So if my reality is not one of joy, peace and abundance it is simply because the majority of my thoughts have not been of joy, peace and abundance.  “OK, ya, I already knew that.”

The natural law of the Universe is that our thoughts create our experience and  this law is unchangeable and works whether you know about it or not. “Ya, ok I knew that too”.

We have also learned that an intellectual understanding of this will be of no value until emotions are brought into action.  A thought without emotion is cold.  The combination of thought and feeling is required in order to recognize and use our  power within. “Ok, I hear the words but what does that really mean?”

Previously I really did think  I was thinking as I was reading these lessons but until this week I reallize that most of the time I was just reading the words and understanding them intellectually but felt no real emotion.  This week I have been focusing on truly thinking about what Haanel has to say in lesson 20 and what it means to me.  I focused on every word and thought hard about what it means and as I kept reading and really thinking I came to find so much more meaning in every  incredible phrase.

Then, what really surprised me, was that my emotions began to just flow naturally the more the words and messages sunk in, the more emotional I became !  I was very overwhelmed with the power of the written words and the emotions I was feeling …it was AWESOME!….”Ok, now this is a  TRIP… I’m really, liking this”!

This experience was HUGE ! Is this what it means to begin to recognize my power within? I felt so inspired and excited and extatic, it hit me that  I was reading and FEELING and accepting these incredibly powerful thoughts and those thoughts made me FEEL such joy, peace and abundance.

So I thought if READING such thoughts made me FEEL that way then how would THINKING those kinds of thoughts daily make me FEEL?.  Being that focused in every moment and making all my  thoughts that vital and powerful and positive would be amazing !  Why would I not put as much energy and laser focus into ensuring my everyday thoughts made me feel joyful , peaceful and abundant?

This physical and emotional  gut reaction I had has significantly changed my idea of what “Thinking Positivley ” really is…it isn’t about just thinking positive thoughts…there is no value at all in just saying positive words to yourself over and over and over ad nauseum in hopes of changing your reality. That doesn’t work.

We  have read and been told a  GAZILLION  times that you need to have FEELING  AND THOUGHT TOGETHER to create any changes in your life  but I guess I needed to hear it a Gazillion and one times.  I get now that  the magic happens ONLY when you are truly emotionally connected to those positive thoughts. I really didn’t know what “emotionally connected”  truly felt like until now.  It is a huge breakthrough for me!



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